Digital Game Based Language Learning DGBLL Project
Uludağ University

Developing Serious Games for Foreign Languages

Project Team
Assoc. Prof. Dr. Yunus Alyaz (Uludağ University)
Assist. Prof. Dr. Figun Dinçer (Uludağ University)
Dr. Nimet Tan (Friedrich Schiller University, Germany)
Assoc. Prof. Dr. Süleyman Eroğlu
Yeliz Canbolat Stienstra (MBO College Amstelland, Netherlands)
Dr. Şükrü Baştürk (Uludağ University)
M. A. Mehmet Doğan (Uludağ University)
Dr. Mustafa Uluocak (Uludağ University)
M.A. Serhat Aşık (Uludağ University)
M.A. Aynur Aksel (Uludağ University)
Scientific Advisory Board
Prof. Dr. İlyas Öztürk (Sakarya University)
Prof. Dr. Erkan Işığıçok (Uludağ University)
Prof. Dr. Ali Osman Öztürk (Konya N. E. University)
Prof. Dr. Feruzan Gündoğar (Marmara University)
Prof. Dr. Serhat Ulağlı (Marmara University)
Prof. Dr. Salih Pay (UludağUniversity)


Project Aims:

The project has two main aims:

1) to conduct theoretical and practical DGBLL activities

2) to develop serious games.


1)Theoretical and Practical DGBLL Activities: This project aims to integrate (mobile) digital games into the education/instruction process and to form the infrastructure that will develop prospective foreign language teachers in this area. Participants are in the position of both student and (prospective) teacher. In the DGBLL activities in which the target group is the students, the aim is to contribute to the variety of the existing material used to develop students' language skills by means of integrating digital games, to develop students' language proficiency and knowledge of the target language cultures, and to provide a basis on which further scientific studies will be carried out.
In the activities in which the target group is the (prospective) teachers, the aim is to introduce the use of digital games through DGBLL pedagogy to the participants in order that they may use them in their future teaching careers.


2) Developing Serious Game for Foreign Language Learning: Part of this project will be to develop a serious game (Playturkish3D) for the teaching of Turkish as a foreign language in accordance with existing serious games and the suggestions offered by institutional DGBLL studies. The game will be both innovative, open to development (by addition of new chapters and content), and adaptable to other languages (e.g., Berlin Entdecken 3D, PlayEnglish3D etc.)

In order to achieve the aims of the project, the following is planned:

1) The integration of digital games to the course content of preparatory year, undergraduate, master's and doctoral degrees;
2) The encouragement of master's and doctoral degrees in this area;
3) The organization of DGBLL seminars for the teachers of secondary schools through dialogue with official  authorities such as regional and
provincial education directorates.